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An immersive experience.

  • Bespoke infrared & steam saunas up to 100ºc.
  • Eco-material 3D Printed ice plunge pools at 6ºc, 8ºc and 10ºc.
  • Breathwork & Movement classes.
  • Boutique coffee lounge with natural juices, speciality coffee and a 3D printed eco-inspired space.
  • Comfortable changing facilities with secure lockers.
  • Infrared & Finnish Sauna
  • Plunge Pools 6ºc, 8ºc and 10ºc.
  • Breathwork & Yoga Classes
  • Cafe & Refreshments
  • Changing Rooms & Lockers

The Sauna & Plunge experience.

The essential experience and foundation of the scientific studies uncovering the health benefits behind exposure to extreme temperatures.

Sweat out the toxins and cleanse yourself in our infrared and electric saunas. Then reenergise, repair and peak your focus and concentration in an ice cold plunge pool dip.

Recommended Times:

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25 min

unnamed (4)

5 min

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£40 £30

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Breath & studio classes.


Enjoy a wide range of classes bespokely catered towards physical and mental health, meditation, relaxation and pioneering breath work.


  • Breath + Move
  • Energise Breathwork
  • Rest + Recover
  • Meditation
  • Flow
  • Yin
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1 Hour

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From £20



Become a member with a range of packages and benefits for you to choose from with unlimited sauna & plunge and a range of calming classes for you to choose from as well as complimentary drinks and snacks.

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Scientifically supported.

Growing scientific studies and medical journal publications spanning across the world to better understand and harness the health benefits of extreme temperature exposure.

Luminaries across the industry are now uncovering the science and proving the theories and reputable medical journals are backing the research.

But don’t take our word for it. Try it yourself.

Physical Health

Immune system support

Improve circulation

Reduce chronic pain

Boost metabolism

Improved sleep

Increased brown fat

Improve lung function & risk of infections

Mental Health

Spike mental focus

Boost in energy

Elevate mood

Practice discipline

Increased resilience

Improved sleep & rest

Reduced stress & anxiety

Recovery & Repair

Lower inflammation

Reduce muscle soreness

Boost performance

Resets nervous system

Reduce acute & chronic pain


Monitor your progress with our App.

Immersing ourselves in the globally growing trend borne out of the frosty Scandinavian fjords, Sauna & Plunge look to redefine health, wellness & lifestyle.

Sauna & Plunge are carving out a completely reimagined market space unleashing it into urban environments across the world bringing physical and mental health to new heights delivered through a calming, luxurious and exclusive experience.


Book classes & sessions.

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Download our intuitive app to enjoy the seamless online experience so you can keep on plunging!

There for your daily grind.

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Relax in our boutique café lounge complete with speciality coffee, vibey music and stunning 3D printed interiors.

Enjoy before or after your plunge!

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124 Tabernacle street, Shoreditch, London EC2A 4SA