Scientifically good for you


Heat saturation dramatically reduces joint inflammation and chronic pain created from daily activities and gravity.

Boosts collagen growth, muscle recovery and tissue repair.

Enhances temperature regulation through vasoconstriction exercise through the cardiovascular system.

Improves blood pressure and all physical balance.

Regular sauna use allows for a moment of deep relaxation and/or meditation for peace of mind and brain stimulation.

Commonly used as a lifestyle solution for back pain.


Extreme cold exposure for significant periods of time will also boost muscle and joint recovery whilst reducing inflammation and chronic pain.

Tackles cardiovascular-related disease and depression.

Over time will dramatically reduce overall resting heart-rate as your body reconfigures your cardiovascular system to a more efficient state of heat-loss control and skin temperature regulation, thus reducing lifetime pressure on the heart muscle and longevity of the heart.

Increases the level of alkaline PH within your body boost an oxygen rich biochemistry.

Scientifically proven to boost growth hormone to repair and recover joint inflation and muscle fatigue and actively improves flexibility and preserves mechanical function within the spine, knees and other key anatomy.

Releases endorphins and stimulates focus, an excellent way to tackle the day or wind-down with perfect clarity.

Improves deep sleep and restfulness.

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Run your own experiment.

Immersing ourselves in the globally growing trend borne out of the frosty Scandinavian fjords, Sauna & Plunge look to redefine health, wellness & lifestyle.

Sauna & Plunge are carving out a completely reimagined market space unleashing it into urban environments across the world bringing physical and mental health to new heights delivered through a calming, luxurious and exclusive experience.

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